Must Read Travel Book: The Alchemist

the alchemist

the alchemistThe Alchemist is one of the most-read books in the recent past. Written by Paulo Coelho in 1988, this tale is an allegory of a young herder searching for his treasury. The Alchemist follows the journey of a boy from an Andalusian pastoral society named Santiago. A repeated dream troubles Santiago, a young, enterprising Andalusian herder.

In one of his repeated dreams, Santiago is told by a young boy to search for a treasure under the Egyptian Pyramid. A woman interprets a recurring dream as a prophecy, revealing to a young boy will find a treasure in the Egyptian pyramids.

As he continues on his way to Egypt, the young Spanish herder meets an Englishman, who tells him about an alchemist who can turn lead into gold. With what the young Spanish shepherd learned from the alchemist, the boy turns into the wind as a tribe of Arab soldiers catches both men and threatens to kill them. The alchemist continues teaching the young Spanish shepherd, but eventually, the two have to split up before the young man makes it to Egypt.

In return for the alchemist’s potent life, as well as that of Santiago, the alchemist gives the Arab soldier’s tribe all the money Santiago has, and he tells the soldiers that Santiago is a potent alchemist and that he will be transformed into a wind in three days. As a powerful, mercurial Santiago continues to travel across the Sahara, the alchemist shares a lot of his wisdom on Souls of the World.

It is possible that while the Alchemist was writing this book, his Soul was revealed to him, and this is why some of us can identify with him, for our soul is a part of God’s same soul, as is God. We may find mentions of our powerful souls in the final portion of The Alchemist s when Shepherd realised it was his soul ultimately which was The Hand who wrote all the things, and that his own soul is a part of the soul of God.

The Church is the same that had the Santiago Vision, where Santiago eventually understood where the treasure was. A young Spanish herder returns to Spain finds his treasure at the same place he had his first vision and uses it to fulfil his dreams. The Alchemists Symphony, written by a young Walter Teyeb, was published in 1997, and backed by Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. 

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