UAE Passport is the world’s most powerful travel document

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The United Arab Emirates passport has been declared the most powerful travel document in the world. The UAE was named in the list of the world’s most powerful passports released by Arton Capital. UAE passport holders can travel to 180 countries without getting a visa. Arton Capital has released a travel document index. This list categorises the world’s strongest and weakest travel documents. India is ranked in the 87th position.

A passport is a formal document issued by an authorized official of a country to one of its citizens that is usually necessary for exit from and reentry into the country, that allows the citizen to travel in a foreign country in accordance with visa requirements, and that requests protection for the citizen while abroad. (Merriam-Webster)

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It is important to note that the travel and tourism industry was most affected by the Corona epidemic and the effects of this pandemic are still visible. But in the recent past, the global travel rate has increased sharply.

The efforts of most countries in the world facing economic hardships are to simplify the travel process to boost the ailing economies. The result is that the passport of every country in the world has been found powerful in the year 2022.

After UAE, the top-ten positions in the index are occupied by European countries.

According to Arton Capital‘s report, after the UAE, Switzerland, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria jointly share the number 2 position.

Passports from Denmark, Belgium, Portugal, Norway, Poland, Ireland, the United States and New Zealand are jointly on the third number.

India’s passport ranks 87th in the index. 

Arton Capital has published a passport index on travel documents from different countries of the world. Arton Capital has described the purpose of the Passport Index. According to the company, the passport index is an interactive online tool that allows users to discover the world of passports by learning about their power and their significance in today’s ever-increasing global world.